Innovative Tecnologies for the conservation of the wine of value

Wineleven is the major expert in the world for the conservation and transport of great wines in bottle

Certified conservation by the blockchain

The patrimony of the great collection wines, the awarness of their maintainance and conservation . Associated to a new idea of traceability and validation.

The wine room 4.0 , a place of well being ideal for one self and the great wines

The objective of Wineleven is to contribute to the realization of the ideal wine room , where its tecnological sytems for the positioning (in silence )of the wine are fundamental components to the solutions for the problems derived from vibrations and micro vibrations.

Official patent for the invention and tutorship of the concept and tecnology of the natural magnetic levitation is been file correctly at the UIBM (italian office of patents and trademarks) in date 9th of september 2020

Applicant Company Wineleven Srl – Ref. Portabottiglie Magnetico – Patent number 102020000021337

What we do

wineleven portabottiglie monobraccio ferrari perlé quadrata

Tecnologies for the conservation of wine in bottle

A patented tecnology:
the Wineleven systems are perfect to preserve the most values bottles of wine of your wine room thanks to the magnetic levitation that produces a perfect state of quietness (balance wise).

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Elegant and sophisticated design for the home

A unique design, to display valuable bottles in a modern living room or to enhance the most valuable bottles in your cellar.

  • Design and implementation of technologies and systems for bottle wine storage
  • Creation of complete wine rooms
  • Design bottle holder
  • Condition monitoring with sophisticated applications managed by home automation with proprietary software
  • Blockchain-certified preservation
  • Design assistance for professionals
  • Consultancy to third parties for the application of our technologies on their products
  • Maintenance and management services
What we do .
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Our technology

The highly innovative and patented technology behind the Wineleven bottle racks was born thanks to the collaboration with the University of Bolzano: together, we have developed a technology for magnetic levitation capable of creating and maintaining a state of total quietness in the wine. In this quiet state, the wine is preserved in the best way possible while maintaining all its qualities unchanged.

They say about us

I was looking for an original wine bottle rack that I could put in the living room with some fine bottles: Wineleven has provided me with elegance and innovation with a bottle rack that allows me to better preserve my quality wines.

Renato Meneghetti


Being in constant search of the best technologies for the preservation of my quality wines, with Wineleven I found exactly what I was looking for.

Giorgio Ciardella

Farzati Tech Srl

Elegant design and magnetic levitation technology are a combination I have never seen in other bottle racks. A gift that I accepted with great pleasure.

Prof. Emanuele Boselli

Bolzano University

They say about us .

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