Wineleven's technology bottleholders: magnetic levitation in the service of quality wine preservation

The wineleven tecnology: the natural magnetic levitation at service of the conservation of wines of value. The wineleven bottleholders: are systems of conservation for wine of value at a high state of innovation, made with a unique tecnology and a elegant design and well constructed: the characteristics that make the wineleven bottleholder capable of holding the bottle through the magnetic levitation. A new mechanism and a natural one that doesn't need any maintainance.

The Domotic: with sensors of luminosity, temperature, humidity and access that are connected to a data hub, there is a monitorizing of the necessary inforamtion to better and regulate the ambience conditions. Besides, through the visualization of a digital dashboard that will be accessable on any device, all detailed reports of possible malfunctions,  through alarm signals that prevent any alterations that could compromise the conservation, will appear. A well structured tecnology in a digital and complex platform that can guide the client in a simple manner and in the right way.

The Blockchain: to garantee the value of the product and certifie a correct conservation in time, the blockchain, will memorize and collect all the parameters of the ambience that are monitorized by the domotic control systems. All the information that will be collected, will be stored in such a way that the right feedback will be given back to the final consumer that will be able through a digital ID (QR CODE, NFC ) to access a real speaking label that will then represent a true and appropriate digital certification of the product using the “Wine Passport”. Thanks to the consinstency of this data, at the distribution level it will be possible to have a speaking label that besides giving the consumer the conventional information, will show a path of traceability rich in information that prooves with no doubt the quality of the product, the origin, and the warranty that all the process of conservation have been well done.

Anyway the most important aspect is that the natural magnetic levitation will ‘play a fundamental role in the conservation of the wine: to preserve the wines of value in fact this magnetic levitation is important as it represents the perfect protection of the precious nectar that’s found in the bottle from any external vibrations and micro vibrations that could alternate in any possible way the original quality of the wine.

Technology .

Wineleven is the only company in the world to have developed this technological concept of systems for the optimal storage of bottled wine.

A more detailed look at the technology wine bottleracks: how magnetic levitation is possible and helps to preserve wine

Behind the wine racks of Wineleven there is a great scientific and technological study, carried out in collaboration with the University of Bolzano. Discover the science behind Wineleven’s technology in the increases even more the value of the products, which are unique in the market for quality wine racks.

CORRECTLY FILED AT UIBM (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi) on September 9th 2020

Applicant Company Wineleven Srl – Ref. Portabottiglie Magnetico – Patent number 102020000021337

Starting from the principle that all mechanical stress, whether of natural origin or induced by unnatural events (from the continuous movement of the earth to car traffic, to the movement of trains, metropolitans, and so on) have a random character and are to be considered disharmonious, we have focused our research on how much they can have in common some peculiarities.

This research has led to the conclusion that any element with continuity of material is always conductive of disharmony because of the resonance effect of the bodies. Not being able to counter these causes at the source, we have taken the path of modelling the disharmonic effect, transforming it – where it could not be completely eliminated – into a harmonic trend, by means of natural magnetic suspension, made possible by opposing permanent magnets.

In fact, we exploit the magnetic repulsion obtaining a “spring” without any mechanical conduction and, therefore, cancelling the resonant effect.

The preservation of wines and negative vibrations: a combination known since ancient times

The effect of vibrations during the storage of wine is a known problem since ancient times.
The success of the preservation and therefore of the marketing of a wine is strictly related to its stabilization in chemical, physical and microbiological terms. Concerning winesn fact, among the main defects in the bottle are anomalous fermentation and clouding.
Both these processes lead to a deterioration of quality, in sensory terms, appreciable both in terms of sight (clouding) and smell and taste (wine diseases, also often associated with a break in clarity - cases).

What many people do not know is that these external interferences with the state of harmony of wine are continuous and frequent even at home: the simple ringing of the mobile phone causes them, a washing machine in motion or a microwave oven.

Natural magnetic levitation is a technology by which an object is suspended on another object without any other support than the force generated by a natural magnetic field. Using an appropriate mechanical constraint, it is possible to levitate two magnets mounted on a suitable support without mechanical contact.

Geo-magnetism: a vital phenomenon for quality wine as well

Geo-magnetism is the main reference point for all forms of life: we were born and built around it and with us all forms of life, be it animal or plant. Science has known about this phenomenon since time immemorial and has taken note of it in many fields of daily life.

Geo-magnetism today is, unfortunately, heavily contaminated in population centres and especially in our homes. Many are the elements that threaten it, from the mobile phone or cordless phone, the microwave oven, washing machines, LED lights, TV, and so on. Everything we have in the house does not enjoy a geo-magnetic field at least stable and this is a danger for our quality wines.

It has been scientifically proven, in fact, that wine is to all intents and purposes an element in metamorphosis, therefore essentially "alive", so that geo-magnetism also has an influence on it. On the contrary, its delicate internal chemical metamorphosis places it among the most sensitive elements and, therefore, to be protected.

In conclusion, it is important that there is not a continuous magnetic shift in both intensity and direction for the wine, so that it can maintain its qualities unaltered.

Wineleven bottle racks: a technological shielding for our wines from the external contaminations, from the living room to the ideal cellar

Wineleven's technological bottle racks use static permanent magnets with considerable shielding on the unexposed face to create a static/magnetic shielding field where our bottle lives underneath (like under an umbrella). This system recreates the staticity that it would originally find in nature unpolluted.

As illustrated, therefore, one of the fundamental characteristics for the best preservation of wine in the bottle is the absence of vibrations. A wine subjected to shocks or stress during storage will alter more quickly than one in a static situation.

Wineleven's aim is to contribute to the realization of the ideal wine cellar, where its technological systems for the quiet storage of wine in the bottle are fundamental components for the solution of the problem derived from vibrations.

Natural magnetic levitation (without an electric generator) is the ideal solution to eliminate the harmful effects of vibrations and micro vibrations in the storage of wine in the bottle and also helps to transform disharmonious motion into harmonic motion.